Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 Weird and Wonderful Things About ME

I will be doing my tags today and I will start with Kaycee's.

I will have to list down 10 things about me. While some are useless facts, the others might be intriguing, I don't know for sure because I haven't thought about anything while I'm posting this.

First off....

1. I have 8 email addresses and 6 of them are the active ones.  Aside from that, I was able to hack 3 email passwords of my 2 exes and they both don't know about this (not until they read this). Hahaha!

2. I love big bags and I always bring a pen with me.

3. I can eat 3 kilos of mangosteen and garlic chicken in just one sitting.  And I don't like to eat any fruit aside from mangosteen.

4. I wish I had cheated on just one boyfriend so that I will be able to feel how it's like being the bad person in a relationship.  

5.  I don't like Kim Chui especially her song Crazy Love, eeew! The lyrics remind me of a poem I wrote for my crush when I was in 6th grade.

6.  I prefer Milo over coffee.

7.  I love pasta, any type, any kind!

8.  I like the color GREEN but that's only because it was the favorite color of my childhood crush. Hahaha!

9. I use my kids' diapers when I have my period. No kidding! And they seem to understand me when I tell them that I'll borrow some. Hahaha!

10. I like nuts. Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pili... name them!

So I'm now passing this tag to:

                    Ybabie, Dabawenyako, and Janeth Vicy.  Happy Tagging!

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