Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mental Scrapblock

I've been trying to do scrapbooking since yesterday but my creative juices aren't working.  Well, that happens all the time so it doesn't really bother me.  Anyway, I just finished printing all the needed materials for my cousin's wedding next week but I will still be busy for the post wedding celebration to be held here so that the ones who aren't able to attend the wedding in Cagayan de Oro will have their share of the celebration. And I will be the one to cook leche flan.... Leche talaga! Hahahaha!

My pupils will have their dance presentation tomorrow and I'm expecting a disaster to happen.  We attempted to have a practice this morning but only half of the class attended the practice since today's a local holiday here in Cotabato City. Also, I'm brewing something for someone and the thought excites me so wish me luck!

Here's a layout I made before I end this post.  I don't mean to be rude but I don't know who to give credits to with the layout I made because I used a lot of papers and embellishments and my kits are not well organized. So here it is!

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Suzanne said...

I can write a looong tutorial about this.
Or you can search the Web about the topic.
Or you can come and visit me and I can teach you. Which is easier than writing the whole thing... Hehehe.
I'll see you when I get back ha.

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