Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July

I had a very tiring day today. The kids had their presentation in school this afternoon and, as expected, it was a disaster. Hahaha! But that's because the program started late as usual so the kids were already restless when it was their turn to dance.  But they were well applauded because I forced the other kids to clap their hands and cheer for the youngest in the campus. LOL.

The other day though, we had a food presentation which was also a contest among the classrooms and we got 2nd place. Not bad huh?  The parents of my pupils were disappointed but I didn't mind, coming second is better than not winning at all.

And then last night, my mom told me to teach Aloy to read because he's already becoming interested with phonics. So I talked to Aloy this morning and asked him if he wants to read, his reply was.... "Opo gusto ko na magbasa para makakanta na ako sa videoke."  My boy's peculiar don't you think?

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