Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How will you react?

My niece and I were watching tv this afternoon when she  popped the question...

                   Ninang para saan ba yang condom?

I was astonished with her sudden curiosity, I mean she's already 11 but I was not prepared to answer questions like that.  What I did was laugh and called her mother to answer the question for me.  Her mom tried to be cool with her answer which made me admire her more.  Her mom just said that condoms are used to prevent pregnancy.  She did not elaborate more about condoms and my niece did not ask any follow up questions.  I felt relieved after the "inquisition", at least now I know how to react when another niece/nephew ask me the same question about contraceptives. And I know it'll take a long time before I hear the same question from my daughter but it doesn't hurt to prepare my "lines" now. I'll start practicing.

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