Thursday, July 17, 2008

So here's to teaching!

Law of Readiness

The Law of Readiness means a person can learn when physically and mentally adjusted (ready) to receive stimuli. Individuals learn best when they are ready to learn, and they will not learn much if they see no reason for learning. If trainees have a strong purpose, a clear objective and a sound reason for learning, they usually make more progress than trainees who lack motivation. When trainees are ready to learn, they are more willing to participate in the learning process, and this simplifies the instructor's job. If outside responsibilities or worries weigh heavily on trainees' minds or if their personal problems seem unsolvable, they may have little interest in learning.

When I got the job as a kindergarten teacher in a public elementary school, the principal warned me that my pupils' parents are the hardest to deal with basing from their years of experience and he's right. From time to time, I hear comments from the parents regarding my teaching style.  My co-teachers also warned me about this matter and they advised me not to mind the parents.  My boss told me to do whatever I think is proper and whatever I think is best for my pupils and that's what I'm doing.  I'm always updating myself for new styles and trends in teaching and the modules I use cost more than my actual salary. Although it's kind of impractical to do so, I still want to be a good teacher that's why I sacrifice my finances for my modules. 

However, I cannot please evrybody.  Yesterday, a parent went up to me and said that another parent complained that I don't teach my pupils about the sounds of the letters in the alphabet.  For chrissake, the kids cannot even distinguish the letter a from e or letter b from d and she wants me to teach the kids something more advanced.  Besides, not all my pupils have the same intellectual capacity and I will definitely feel guilty if I force the slow learners to have memories like a sponge.  I'm always on a hotseat and it's making me uncomfortable.  Thank God that the other parents know where I'm standing so they support my decisions in teaching.  Ha! They can never complain with the test papers that I gave my pupils because they are not cheap and definitely much better than the test papers from any public school here in Cotabato City or the whole region perhaps.

As much as possible, I don't want to tarnish my pupils' perception of schooling.  I want them to have fond memories of their first year in school that's why I'm taking it slow.  I don't want them to get traumatized with a particular subject because I scold them or insult them if they don't get the correct answer.  If the child is not ready, I don't force him/her to be at par with his/her peers.  We don't get to play that much inside the classroom but we sing a lot. I see to it that I integrate my lessons with music so that the kids will not get bored.  And  so far, singing while learning is great. The kids learn easily and their self confidence are developed.  My pupils asked me why I always smile and I only answered them with a big smile. From then on, a frown is not entertained inside my classroom.  I hope that the local government will give (not corrupt) appropriate budget for the primary level because that's when learning is at its critical point. And I hope I will pass the licensure exam so that I will get my teaching item next year and continue what I'm starting this year.

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Pixel Minded said...

i don't think parents will give u a hard time anyway,bec i know u will understand them,and for saying that,how's your li'l school boy doing?:)
nakikichismis lang po. :)

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