Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quarter Life

My friend Pam celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday and for the first time, she didn't ask for a party from her dad. Sign of old age? Haha!  I tried to do my part as her friend by treating her for lunch.  But our noontime celebration had to stop because I had to attend my class. So I was 15 minutes late, much to my clients' chagrin, but I tried to make up by giving my pupils advance lessons.
Anyway, we had fun especially when Iman came because he's wearing a fitting shirt which doesn't suit him at all. Hahaha! So we ganged up on him until he felt shameful for wearing that shirt.  Too bad Mohd wasn't there to celebrate with us.  Our cult isn't complete without him. LOL.

So cheers Pam! I wish you happiness and youth.  Our lives are easier when we're together. Naks! Keep the spirit of love alive! ;)

1 comment:

chinesepomelo said...

*aww... ur so sweet... i luv u i luv u i luv u i luv u........ahlavet!!!!!

..not planning a party seemed to be worthwhile afterall.=)

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