Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sad Day

I decided to buy my own domain yesterday but the page isn't loading yet so I am asking anyone in the know to help me with my site. I bought the domain at and I registered but you see, if you go to the address directly, you will be diverted to a blank page. However if you go to the blogspot site, you will then be redirected to the site. What did I do wrong? Help!

Last night too, I receive a text message from Pam that Nica passed away. Nica is Pam's relative who had cancer, she's only 6 years old. I have never met her in person but if I base my perception of her with the stories that Pam told me, I have to say that she was a very brave girl. All her life she wished for a birthday party with Jollibee and she got that wish when Pam's family sponsored her Jollibee themed party last May. She celebrated her 7th birthday with so much fun (her real birthday is on September 29); when she was asked what her birthday wish was, she replied with: Sana gumaling na ako. That was a tearjerking moment but everybody controlled their emotions and moved on to enjoy Nica's birthday celebration.

Nica joined Our Creator last night because of an intra cerebral bleeding (she had an operation last Friday). May her soul rest in peace and I pray for her parents to be given strength and acceptance as they lose their only child. Please pray for this little angel's soul.

Pam with Nica at her dream come true Jollibee party.

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Suzanne said...

Aaw... Condolence to the bereaved family.

And hay... Why did you buy there kasi. Hmp. Sa 1and1 ka na lang sana, under may referral dapat. Ayan tuloy. Hmp.

But can't you ask for help from them?

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