Friday, August 29, 2008

Linggo ng Wika

I had a big day today because it was our school's Linggo ng Wika culminating activity. I had a major blunder and it's still pissing me off. You see, yesterday I asked the coordinators about the program invitation so that I can guide my pupils what time they should go to school. The coordinator told me that the invitations were not disseminated yet and the program will start at 1pm. I then told my pupils' parents about the information relayed to me.

When I went to school this morning, I had the shock of my career when I saw the higher level kids in their costumes! The program was moved to 7:30AM from 1PM. I didn't know what to do for a minute and wished for the earth to eat me alive. I managed to pull it off anyway without being hysterical or any wild reaction. I called my contestant for the solo declamation and decided not to join the sabayang bigkas instead. But when I saw 10 kindergarten pupils waiting outside our classroom, I once again changed my mind and made them participate for the sabayang bigkas.

My pupils were great! They're the youngest in the campus but they placed 3rd for the Sabayang Bigkas and my contestant for the Solo Declamation won 1st place. Oh I am ever a proud teacher and coach! And as for the kids who were not able to join the contest, I demanded from the coordinators to make them perform in the afternoon program because of the miscommunication that transpired. So everyone had their shining moment.

My pupils' parents, however, are so mad at the administration and coordinators for not giving us a copy of the program invitation. But luckily, no one blamed me. I learned a lesson this time and the next time we have a program like this one, MY PUPILS WILL WIN FIRST PLACE IN ALL CATEGORIES. Haha! I know they will, I have so much faith in them.

Meet Yahyah. He made me proud as he recited Jose Rizal's "Sa Aking Mga Kababata".

The pupils who were not able to make it to the contest proper had their shining moment as they performed and intermission number in the afternoon activities. And yes, Aloy was one of those who were not able to perform in the morning. Any way, they all made me proud.


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