Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby No More

Aloy will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Wednesday and he wants to celebrate it with his classmates in school, complete with clown and a magician. I don't think we can afford a clown/magician this year and I don't have accurate plans yet for his birthday. But we will definitely celebrate it alright. And oh, the ambitious child of mine wants PSP too. Haha! He even told us that if we can't give him a PSP, we have to give him a Nintendo Wii instead.

Oh well Aloy, I will definitely give you a big hug and kiss on your birthday. :)

1 comment:

dabo said...

hahaha.. ang kulet ng baby aloy mo.. binata na at ikaw ay blooming na mommy pa rin..

lahat yata, kahit matanda na gusto ng psp.. i don't know why?

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