Monday, September 1, 2008

And I Feel Honored!

A few weeks ago, I "met" a new friend, a fello PEXer who posts in Parenting101. She's only 30 weeks pregnant at that time and was expecting twins. She had to get my ym address for a series of questions and some consultation. To cut it short, we exchanged notes and I gave her tips how to handle the pregnancy. And surprise surprise! She gave birth on her 35th month and for a pre-term babies, the twins are big in size, more than 5lbs each. Here are they.

Welcome to the world Cait Angel and Cail Aaron. And oh, yes, the highlight of my day was that these adorable twins were named after my own Caitlin and Caillou. Isn't that sweet? I definitely will have to give something for these babies. And their mom is exclusively breastfeeding too, yey! I salute her doctor who discouraged her into giving formula milk for her babies. Unlike this doctor I know in Davao who said that breastfeeding will make the boobies sag (but that's another story).


chinesepomelo said...

Mabuhay ang kambal na sina Cait&Cail!!!!

chess addict said...

Expert ka ata sa preganancy anoh? hehe. Ang cute nmn ng twins. para silang kambal.

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