Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time To Avenge

Yey! I'm back! And I would like to thank my loyal EC droppers for continuing to drop even if I wasn't able to drop back. Mwah! Thanks!

So I will be turning 25 in 22 days, I don't have plans yet (as if I ever had plans) and my mom will be out of town by then so I think I will be celebrating with my kids or with my you my co-bloggers. Either way, I still wish for good health and an all year cheer.

I gained weight during my 2 day stay at my aunt's house in Koronadal City and I desperately need to trim down. I'm seriously considering on taking diet pills, I'm that serious, so that I will go back to my fighting form. Not that I had ever been skinny, I've always been rotund but now I'm obese and it's not funny anymore. I will be working on my diet as soon as possible -and take those diet pills!

Christmas Day is fast approaching and my aunt and I had a conversation about spending our Christmas in Cagayan de Oro City to be with their youngest sibling and my cousins too. If plans will push through, it will be a vacation to remember. I am also planning to go to Iligan City before Christmas to attend my friend's wedding. But I'm not sure about this yet, I am still contacting our other friends so that we can arrange our reunion there. I have told about this plan to a man from the past and he is quite thrilled about the idea that he agreed to pay for my fare. Hahaha. I miss Iligan City so much, I really wanted to go back there and see again the people I have left behind. So I'm saving up for this trip, and I hope my friends there will be delighted to see me again too.

Meanwhile, let me share you this video and I hope you will all be touched as I was myself. We all can make a difference and let us start now by giving a random act of kindness to anyone. :)

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