Monday, October 20, 2008

Review: Basta Lovelife

I have already finished reading the book and as promised, here’s my review. The book is not with me (a friend borrowed it) while I am writing this so I cannot give direct quotes from it.

When I skimmed the book, I laughed and said without exaggeration, “Oh no, this book is really for me.” I was already thrilled and read a few chapters that night. If I have to describe the book in three words, I have to say that Basta Lovelife is witty, precise and lighthearted. It’s entertaining too; but that’s already four words.

Okay, here are the stakes, if you are an experienced (by this I mean sexually duped, blinded by love, and just stupid) person like me you will find yourself laughing in some chapters and shedding a tear in some (I did). If you had experienced sex, you might regret why you did the act and not waited. If you’re heartbroken, you will really feel good when you read the book. If you’re searching for a new flame, you will be enlightened. Am I making sense or what?

What I really appreciate with the book is that it’s not preachy. I was given A Purpose Driven Life a few years ago and I haven’t finished reading it until now because I think it’s preachy (I’m sorry to the fans of this book, I’m giving it a fourth try next week). The biblical passages are cool enough for teenagers and ehem, shallow readers to understand. The stories cited are real life stories that we all have already encountered. I found myself associating the stories as: "Uy si ano to." "Uy, siya ito." "Haha ako ito."

How do I perceive the book? I think this is a great book to be given to the teenagers today and young adults as well. Virgin or not, this book will make us reflect on what our priorities should be. It offers us ideas on how to cope up with peer pressure, rejection, heartbreak and finding a mate. I recommend this book to be given to your friends as a gift.

What is my favorite line in the book? My words are not exact but it sounds like this: Men who abandon their children are lower than low. I don’t mean to sound bitter but this is so true. Another favorite line of mine is “the scars are still there but it doesn’t hurt anymore”, every time I remember this line, I feel a pang in my heart (pass me the tissue for I’m about to cry).

What made me cry? I cried to the first few chapters because of guilt perhaps of not waiting. But then again, I guess I have already paid my dues and I am facing the consequences of my actions with a stronger relationship with God. Life is too short to look back and indulge on regrets.

What is my favorite chapter? I guess it has to be the chapter where Kuya Kevin enumerated the Stupid Things that Women Say. I think this is hilarious and downright true. Ouch. Hahaha.

Did I learn something new? I learned about David and Bathsheba (ask me anything about the Bible –NOT), I also learned about masturbation being not clearly stated in the Bible as a sin. I have learned about cohabitation being a sin, and I thank myself for I never considered “living in” with anyone despite circumstances.

I have a personal relationship with God in a sense that I talk to Him whenever I want to. I don’t usually read the Bible nor do I memorize the verses and I seldom go to church. I always ask for guidance in whatever I do but yes, I was gullible (I think I still am). Reading the book inspires me to strengthen my relationship with God and not to lose hope about finding a lifetime partner. But now that I think about it, love can really wait. I am happy, I am contented, I am loved. That’s what really matters.

And for this, I have to thank you Kuya Kevin Sanders for picking me to be the winner of your book (you know I need this).


Kuya Kevin said...

I'm really touched by your review. I'll probably link it to my website soon.

I'll be happy to chat with you any time if you'd like to talk to me about spiritual things.

Proud to be your Kuya,

Thess said...

What an excellent review of the book!

Word4UToday said...

Great review Mars!

Hi, I'm owie. I'm a single mom as well. I have a beautiful 3 and a half year old son and yes, obviously, I didn't wait as well.

I've read Kevin's book as well -- and yes, he makes a lot of sense to most of us who didn't u, i could identify to stories or things he said in the book.

I just wanna encourage you that yes, God has something awesome planned for u. I was headed downhill....nah, that's an life was an absolute mess - specially in the love department, plus more.. then he scooped me and brought me to safe ground, and life has not been the same since. it's been an amazing ride!

I used to think, who would love me? after everything i've gone thru?! guess what? now, i feel sooooo loved. God's gonna fill in that void big time til u've got joy overflowing! and then he's gonna add so much to it, after that! he's the best love life anyone can have!

oooppsss..i went on and on there..
anyways, blessings upon blessings!


chinesepomelo said...

fyn! cge babasahin ko na yun! month ipadala mo na d2 sa bahay. =)

ate joy said...

your review made me so glad i had it published by my company (csm). i'm the proud editor (este, finishing touches lang naman). God bless you and your ongoing journey with Him.

Anonymous said...

where could i get the book u are telling ?
im interested to read it,,thanks

nunseeh said...

where could i get the book u are telling ?
im interested to read it,,thanks

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