Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At Least I Tried

I tried scrapping last night and came up with this. I am not so happy with the output but I'm posting it anyway. See, the pc was attacked by a lot of Spywares and Malwares and I gave up finding a cure for them so I decided to reformat the pc without backing it up. Tada! I liked the change for a while because I was able to feel as if I have a new pc. But when I was in my scrapping mood last night, I realized that I also lost my all of my accumulated digiscrap kits! But since I am a positive person, I continued with my "urge" and still did a layout.

Someone's turning 25 tomorrow and she can't explain why she's happy even if she's broke and quite in a toxic situation.


twinks said...

You did a great job.
Simple, clean and nice layout.
Keep it up. :]

Suzanne said...

Great job, Marytan!

Hay naku, my laptop is still in the process of recovering. Ayokong mag-reformat at mawiwindang ako sa mga dapat i-reinstall kaya tyagaan at puyatan muna sa paghintay sa tumutulong at pag-download ng kung ano-ano to solve the problem. Hay.

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