Monday, October 6, 2008


Long Quiz is on Wednesday and I haven't made my test papers yet because of what? EC Dropping! I can't even start my own entry for today because a lot of things are on my mind.

Here goes my chismis for today:
A man from the past and I are communicating once again. We video chatted a few days ago and based from his reactions, he is still smitten by me. Hahaha. Beh buti nga! :p

And another chismis is going around our neighborhood right now which involves me. It's absurd! Why can't people mind their own lives? As far as I know, I am making money while they talk behind my back. So who's at the losing end?


Anonymous said...

I was your blog reader for a long time and knowing you (thru your blog) I don't think those chismis will even bother you at all.

Irrish said...

bitin naman yon tsimis tungkol doon sa guy from your past.

Yon chismis sayo . . . ingit lang yon mga kapitbahay mo sa beauty mo.

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