Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Right

Hello all! I was busy computing the grades of my pupils and signing their class cards so my eyes are often tired plus I also have a sprained wrist so I can't type and write for long. So much for excuses..

Aloy arrived all right last October 31 with an old RC car without the control and batteries, an old pair of jeans from ukay ukay, and an old shirt. That's what his dad gave him. Purely hand-me-downs, not even a hundred pesos for a Jollibee treat. Hahaha! And to think that they want my son to stay with them until December! Kawawa naman ang anak ko, magmumukhang pulubi with all the hand me downs from the ukay pa (although i have nothing against ukay ukay but that's not what you should give to your son/grandson who you haven't seen for four years). I was about to text the dad and ready to attack him with insults but then again, I thought, it's the thought that counts, so I was able to control myself. *clap clap* And then this morning, the dad asked me of my email address because he wants to send me my son's pictures which I will gladly share with you in the coming days if the pictures are of good quality. And I'm still thinking if I will let Aloy be with them next month for the Christmas holidays although the chances are slim. :p

One good thing about Aloy's vacation with his dad is that he's happy to have lots of daddies and mommies. Actually, when they arrived, he eagerly told me that he has a new Mama and Daddy (he calls me mama and my parents mommy and daddy) in the person of his father and grandparents. We just told him that he's so fortunate to have lots of daddies and mommies which he happily agreed on.

It's Friday again tomorrow and even though I will be busy with the computation of grades, I'm glad to finally be able to wake up later than usual. :)

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FickleMinded said...

yeah,yeah,yeah,Aloy deserved more than just an Ukay, it is the thought that counts and obviously,they don't think of him as someone who deserved more than a cheap stuff!
don't bother to delete this if you think i'm too mean.kapalmuks naman ng lahi nun!!
(bakit kaya masyado naman akong apektado!!???)))

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