Saturday, November 8, 2008

Something for Humanity

It has been my goal to donate blood but I don't know what kept me from doing it. Anyhoo, just before I turned 25 last month, I came to a firm decision to give blood to the Philippine National Red Cross. Two days after my birthday, I went to the PNRC office and told them my intention to donate, and since I came to the office later than their cut-off time, they told me to join the mass blood letting to be sponsored by Bombo Radyo Philippines. I was hesitant at first because I hate crowds but the medtech from PNRC encouraged me by saying that I will get a free shirt if I join the mass blood letting thus will make my experience more memorable so I said okay.

Dugong Bombo is the only nationwide and simultaneous blood letting campaign in 24 areas where Bombo Radyo and Star FM Stations operate, in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross.

Dugong Bombo is held in the month of November on a weekend, proximate to the birthday of the President/CEO of Bombo Radyo Phils., Dr.Rogelio M. Florete, DBM (hc).

This year, it was held today, November 8, 2008.

Last year's Dugong Bombo 2007 gathered 4,823 successful blood donors who volunteered in shedding and sharing at least 450 cc. of their precious blood. The total volume of blood was at 2.191,350 cubic centimeters (c.c.) or 548 gallons or 11 drums.

Dugong Bombo is a civic project in partnership with the Philippine National Redcross and is supported by local governement units and by national and local sponsors.

So to make the long story short, I gave blood together with my supposed to be camera woman only, my very very good friend Pam. We gave blood and got our shirts and free snacks too! It was not that painful and the feeling of helping somebody in need of my blood type makes everything all worthwhile.
The blood donors are all smiles amidst pain and nervousness.
So here's me with my 450cc blood.
And here's me and Pam with our shirts.


chinesepomelo said...

boshet! sakiiiiit!!!! ahahaha.... but ahlavet!!! =) c u after 3 months sa bloodbank! hahaha.. naks!

Suzanne said...

Yey to you and Pam! :)

I've been wanting to donate blood pero susko, hindi daw ako pwede sabi ni Wes dahil anemic ako. Hay buhay.

timi said...

Masaket lang ba yung pag insert ng needle or pati habang kinukuha yung blood?

Mars said...

pomelopam: Ako na lang mag isa ang susunod na mag donate kasi wala ka na. :(

suzee: minsan anemic din naman ako pero keri lang. :D

timi: for me, di naman masakit. kasi mas masakit pa rin yung afte effect ng CS. hehe.

chinesepomelo said...

gusto kitang sakalin! the day after ng pagdonate, muntik nkong macollapse sa simbahan! ahahaha.... I'm so gulay!

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