Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snatch the Government

I was able to snatch my mom's phone this morning and I uploaded the pictures right away. *teehee* Here's one of Caitlin's camwhore days, she'd always stick out her tongue when I tell her to pose for the cam. Unfortunately though, her twin isn't fond of posing and smiling for the camera because he wants to take the picture himself. So there's my photographer in the making.

I am not busy this week in terms of school activities because we have our annual teacher's olympics which started today and will last until tomorrow. After that, we will be celebrating our teachers' day so no class for the whole week. Initially, we planned to celebrate our teachers day in Davao City but everything was cancelled this morning because the big boss from the division office won't sign our permit to go out of town for security reasons. Oh I don't know anymore, I'm so tired trying to understand DepEd. See, we've been working for at least 6 months now and they still haven't given us our salaries although I am thankful for my boss in school because he gives me allowances and other extras every month. Last September though, we were told that the budget for the salaries of preschool teachers have already been approved and given to the regional offices so our spirits were up. Last month, when me and my colleagues followed up about the salary, they keep on telling us to go back the next day, and then the next day, and the next day again, and so on. We haven't gotten our salaries for 5 freaking months and then they told us that we can get only 3months worth of payment. We were okay with that since the office said that that's the only budget given to them. However, 2 days after that, they told us again that we will only get 2 months worth of money, and then after that day, they told us that we will only receive a month's worth of salary. Who the hell are they kidding? So okay, we did get our salary for the month of June last Novemeber and after that we asked ourselves, when will we get the salary for the month of July? Next year?! How about the months of August-present? I am losing faith in the government and if any of you know how to contact the Secretary of Education please leave a message.
I was thinking that I am lucky to have a compassionate boss who knows that though my career is indeed a vocation, I also have to feed my kids (err, actually treat them out from time to time) so I need money. And the government prohibits us to collect money from the pupils! Where will I get my fare to go to school if the parents won't pay for my fare and the government's salary is like 5 months late? LOL. I'm still fortunate that my pupils' parents understand my sentiments so they pay a very minimal amount monthly for my fare and other extras like Jollibee or Chowking. LOL. However, I have colleagues who teach in very depressed areas so they're not expecting any contribution from the parents and that they really spend their own money for everything - even test papers or class cards. Such a pity for the government and such a commendable professionalism to my colleagues who teach without reservations. I don't think I can do that.


Monica said...

she's such a cutie pie! ;-)

meL said...

cute hehe :)

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