Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Hurrah

This year, it’s gonna be incredible.
This year, it’s gonna be the one.
All the planets are lining up for me.
This year, I’m gonna have fun.
… I can feel that I’ll fall in love for real… This year, this year…

Well, I might fall in love or I might not. Who knows what the future holds for me? All I can say is that I’m hopeful. A lot of possibilities are coming my way and I will make sure to grab most of them. So here are my goals for this year.

For one, I’m thinking of a new career path. I love teaching, I do. But if my salary cannot compensate well enough for my three growing kids, well, that’s when I will really consider on looking for a brighter horizon. My tagline for this year is: “Go for the gold, Qatar 2009!” Why Qatar? Easy, it’s near UK (ehem, Scotland) and a good friend of mine is already there, aside from the fact that I heard of a job opportunity there as well. As usual, nothing’s final for me. My plans will change. Yesterday it’s Canada, now it’s Qatar, and tomorrow might be Nicaragua perhaps? Que sera sera. I’m going out of this country.

Secondly, I have to donate blood again by February. It’s something that I really want to do and I’m committed to giving something for humanity. At least I can help someone in my own little way. I always tell myself that God has blessed me with good health all these years and this is my way of giving back.

Third, go out, date and be merry. I feel in love with life last year so I want to continue my lucky streak this year. But I have to consider dating again. Just dating, I promise. Hahaha. I couldn’t afford to do something stupid again because I have BIG plans to accomplish. And aside from that, I have to think of the welfare of my kids first.

So that’s my goal for 2009. I will continue to try earning money from blogging, a $5 from time to time is not bad, this way I can buy the stuffs that I want.

(this is what I ended up writing when I listen to crappy love songs, sorry for the cheesiness)


Barako Brew said...

The good thing about dating and "just dating" is you don't really have to get involved to enjoy the giddy goody feeling it comes with. Consider it a more pro-active, interactive, decent, and formal form of Flirting.

.... Of course you have to have a date first. ;)

Here's to SUCCESS. :) Cheers!

- Paulo for the Barako Brew Crew

FickleMinded said...

good luck!:)
btw, I'll send you the code to get rid of your B icon on the browser. ;)

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