Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ditch That Number

I changed my mobile number last Friday.
I usually change my number when something’s bothering me or when I need to stay away from a certain person. This time, it’s both.
But I’m okay. I just can’t believe that I did not have a hard time ditching my classic 0917 prefix cellphone number. I scouted that SIM card 3 years ago and now I’m giving it up. That’s what you call letting go and moving forward.
So I now have a 0905 prefix cellphone number. I don’t like it but I like my number combination anyway so I might stick with it. And I like the silence of my cellphone for a while. No pesky textmates and most especially no parents calling me to ask if there will be a class on Monday or not. Haha! Freedom, I love it!

1 comment:

ami said...

kaya pala. kahit yunh no. ko siguro mag-5 years or more na, pinili pa ng mama ko kasi mejo malapit daw sa old ko. enjoy the freedom. happy new year!

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