Friday, January 2, 2009


It was the twins' 2nd birthday the day after Christmas and their caregivers left the day after that; which made me the primary and sole caregiver and homemaker as well. I know that I have no right to complain but I miss going online so much. I do love taking care of the kids though, especially in making sure that they get the right nutrition from the food that they eat. I love the moments that I had with the kids, it feels like we're all in a big playhouse and I'm the mother goose (well, I'm really the mother goose). I realized that I mised a lot of things about them. The other day, when Caitlin was crying, her twin brother Cailgave her a handkerchief to wipe off her tears. And when Caillou was sleeping, Caitlin kissed and hugged her brother.I saw and felt the love of my kids for each other and those scenes were such a big reward for me and my parenting abilities.Anyway, Belated Happy Birthday Caitlin Madison and Caillou Maurice. I want you both to know that you give me great joy and contentment in life. Thank you for keeping me sane especially when life's trying to test my motherhood skills.I love you both so much!

I am still domesticated even though we now have our new caregivers. I have an easier life at home now, unlike those past dayswhen I feel haggard at 5pm and still haven't taken a bath at that! But who says I'm complaining?! I'm a homebuddy and themost rewarding part of being a mother is when your kids say thank you after giving them a sumptuous meal. At least my effortsare not wasted eh? So there goes my vacation from work.

Have a happy New Year fellow bloggers and lurkers of my blog. As for my New Year's hopes and dreams, I will have to think about that pa. :D

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Willa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your tweenies!!!

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