Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Geek Alert!

I arrived in Davao City at 2pm today and here I am, in front of the pc again. Dang, I am such a geek! But let me rant over something first.

1. When I arrived at the terminal, the van was about to leave because they are only waiting for one passenger and that was me. Fat luck right? So since I was the last one to board the van, I was separated with my overnight bag. I didn't care about it though. However, when we arrived at the terminal, I found out that the two kids we're with vomitted at my bag. WTF! And the mother did not even bother to clean up the mess. So naturally, I was cursing while the driver cleaned up my bag. What a disaster.

2. So the bag problem got solved and I went to SM (actually the drop off is at SM) for a quick tour. When I entered the mall, I heard someone called "Hi Mrs. Cord!" I was close to being shocked and looked for the person calling me. He turned out to be Cord's varsity teammate back in college. I was speechless when he approached me. Unsurprisingly, he saw the pictures too and asked me if we got back together. I laughed and said no. I wish no one would call me like that again because it's not funny. I realized that people still associate me with that man from the past. Duh.

3. Back in the van, there were three ladies talking about Barrack Obama's inauguration. I was amused listening to them because they were all so gaga over Obama. I am a democrat as I have said before but I don't really indulge myself with such fanaticism over a politician who won't even run our country. Haha! For me that's too much. Don't get me wrong, I admire Obama but not to the extent that I talk about him like those three ladies in the van. They were saying things like...

W1: Grabe ang bait bait talaga ni Obama.
(Obama's a very kind person.)
How does she know that? Is she rubbing elbows with the American president? LOL.

W2: Yung asawa niya fashionista yon, hindi basta basta.
(His wife is into fashion so she shouldn't be underestimated.)
What's the connection?

Aren't they funny? Haha! Well, there goes my rant for today while I am waiting for my nephew to fetch me here. I have a date tonight, yey! Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. CORD!! hehe

nakatuwa mga pinagsusulat mo..

Goodluck sa date mo..

I have few words for you..


laisexy said...


Mars said...

Anonymous, sana youre brave enough to put a name. Haha.

chinesepomelo said...

hay anonymous talaga.... padalhan mo daw si anonymous ng pirated dvd dun..hehehe...

so kumusta ang DATE?! bwahahahhahahahha....... busit!

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