Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kyla's Pregnant?

Here's a juicy gossip today.

• The newest addition to the growing list of stars getting pregnant out of wedlock is a sweet singer who’s probably the “most unlikely” to commit that indiscretion. This was confirmed to the Funfare DPA by the singer’s singer-friend. The unwed–father-to-be is a cager.

The clues point to Melanie Calumpad a.k.a. Kyla, the RnB princess.

And now my blog seems turning out to be a celebrity gossip blog. Hahaha! I find this blind item juicy enough to share. :D Anyhoo, congrats to Kyla and Rich Alvarez!


Anonymous said...

i though of her too, when i read ricky lo's blind item.... i surfed the net nga to see any confirmation..and i stumbled on your blog spot.

Mharms said...

She's preggy in the peak of her career??? Sayang.

meL said...

really? sino dad si rich ba? tama ba?
Love more tsisms from manila :)

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