Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treat Yourself Right

I had a fight with an online friend (FYI, it's not Gavin) last month and I remember telling that person that I won't tolerate the way he treats me. I believe that we let others treat us the way we want them to. So if others treat you like trash, that's because you let them see you as one.

Anyway, since I'm downhearted lately, I do not really read text messages especially when they're forwarded ones. However, I got the chance to read all the forwarded messages sent to me this afternoon while cleaning up my inbox and I find this quote downright upfront and true. Some of you might like this too so I'm sharing it with you.

One of the lessons life taught me is to let go of the people who cannot treat you right and never bother to waste time pleasing them. Hold on to those who love you back because they are the ones who are much worth of your time, of your love. A great life is all about doing something rare: Cherish without comparing. Forgive without blaming. And love without counting the cost.

I am not in trying times anymore now. I think I am at peace and I am only taking time to let go of the ill feelings I have had before. For me though, letting go means getting a new hairdo and IF I still don't get a new 'do, it means I have not yet let go.

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