Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Addicted Anew

I am becoming a serious follower of Brothers and Sisters, at least from torrent downloads. I am glued to every episode and I love every minute of watching it.
I think the Walkers represent a typical Filipino family that's why I can relate to it. My family is just like them.

Anyway, the Cebu trip is already 80% final. I have found a replacement for my classes and my mom kinda gave me the go signal -she should because the tickets are non refundable.

Speaking of classes though, we're not supposed to conduct classes this week because of the City Meet but since I have the option to conduct special classes, I decided to make up for my absences last week. The school's very quiet and I feel at peace with my job. I realized today though that no matter how troubled I am, the kids pacify me. And they're not even the most behaved people on earth! Haha. But they make me happy even when I'm really really down. Maybe it's because they make me feel young as well. We're doing the Addition in Math, Habitat in Science, and Comparisons in English. And I think this week is my most fruitful week in school because nobody's there to watch me like a hawk so there's no hindrances with my teaching. Good thing I'm up on my feet again, I feel good! I'm inspired! Well, not so inspired with doing some scraps anyway.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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