Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diana Zubiri, Pregnant!

It's true. The sexy star is 4 months pregnant. Hahaha! Grabeng chismis ito!

Anyway, it's confirmed. Aloy has typhoid fever, at least it's suspect typhoid. Good thing that I admitted him at the hospital yesterday because his blood count was below average already. he's been craving for spaghetti and ice cream though, and he doesn't look sick at all.

I'm so busy with school works so I have to leave this post as is. :)


FickleMinded said...

ay ganon, sino ba fafa ni Diana? bitin naman ako sa chismis mo :D

I hope Aloy will be well soon.

Suzanne said...

Naku naman. Bigla akong nalito. Diana Zubiri, buntis. Tapos may CONFIRMED. Akala ko naman, si Aloy ang ama. Haha!

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