Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Digiscrap Scavenger

I am hoarding some free stuffs from the Blog Train by digiscrap designers. I haven't unzipped the kits yet because I want to 'feel' surprised after all the kits are fully downloaded. I'm excited! I never had a full kit (none that I remember or realize) so I'm excited to be finally having one. So what if I'm a cheapskate? LOL.

I really like to scrap lots of layouts one of these days. Sometimes, I challenge myself by using a mini kit for one layout alone but I can't. I always end up deleting or using an element from a different kit. When I am successful with using a mini-kit, I will surely be proud of it and show it off here. Haha! And I'm starting to be an addict of Alphas too.

I fancy the designs of the following: Sir Scrapalot, Miss Mint, Danielle Young, Misty Cato and some fab designers I can't remember. :p

So my pc's now full of kits and 75% of them are still unused. I have to have that spunk going!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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