Monday, February 23, 2009

Is this IT?

I think this is it. This is the layout for me. I liked my layout yesterday but I find it hard to tweak and I don't like the placement of the pictures. I like the simplicity of this template but I am still looking for something colorful and cute template that goes with my personality. Until I find such layout, this layout will be "the one" for the time being.

Our 2008 Yearbook finally arrived last week and I am so proud of our work. Just so you know, I was a member of the Yearbook Staff so at least 30% of the output was done by myself and 90% of the graphics were manually drawn by Xym and I am so proud of him for making very creative layouts. Before, I was not happy with the output of the graphics because I thought they're too masculine but I had faith with my co-staff and was surprised with what we came up with. Yes I am bragging because we worked hard for it and we never had any misunderstandings while working. I miss working with those boys, hay.

I am so happy that Kate Winslet finally won the best actress in the Oscars because I am such a fan. And Sean Penn too! I watched the whole telecast this morning and was glued to my seat because I also love Hugh Jackman. I didn't see Jude Law my love, did you?

Anyway, I have an SEO job and as I think about it, my head starts to ache already. Haha! At least I have finished my photobook and by tomorrow, I will pay for it and the shipping. I'm excited!

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