Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Like It?

Hello and Happy Sunday!
Did you like my new layout? I am trying to fix this thing and I am 80% getting there. I hope I'm going to stick with it for at least 8 months, haha! I got tired of three column layouts that's why I went back to the 2 columned ones. I did the same thing for my Techiecardia site which, by the way, has been fixed after my second attempt to contact Namecheap's live support. Lesson learned: When buying your own domain, do not let other people fix it for you, you have to try fixing it yourself before asking someone to do the work for you. :p

I was supposed to have a haircut today but when I was at the salon, my aunt called me for an office emergency so I postponed the cut until tomorrow. I'm getting a not so short 'do, maybe just a trim. And I have a date with my son later tonight, we'll be dining out on a not fancy restaurant called McDonald's haha! Anyway, speaking of my son, he's okay now. His doctor required him to have typhoid vaccine by next month. e's very much okay, in fact, here's my so handsome not-so-baby-anymore child.

That's all for now. Be a blessing!

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