Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Leggings Tuesday

Howdy? It's going to be a busy month because by next week, after the waltz presentation of the kids on Thursday, we will be preparing for the preschool graduation day. I already get stressed whenever I think about it.

Well anyway, I wore leggings today. Not that it's a big of a deal but I was not comfortable wearing one and tried to do so today. It was, uh, okay.

We will be having a whole day practice tomorrow for the waltz thingy and I am already anticipating that I will get drained by noon. I need to have at least two liters of Gatorade to keep my energy up.

I got a call late this afternoon from an employer based in UAE and I was whoa! I don't know if I'm ready and I think I'll need to ask for my boss' suggestion regarding my career path.

And then there are wussy people who post comments by the name of Anonymous who had always been scared to let me know who they are. As I have said, this is my blog and if you don't like my views, thanks but I have a mother to remind me of that. Wag kayong epal at magpakilala, duwag! And don't comment like you know me. That you know what happened to Cord and me four years ago. That you know what happened to us two months ago. That you know everything. And if I may say, I think I have a right to put my sentiments no matter how biased it may seem. This is MY blog. Even if Concorde Joe CaƱares doesn't care anymore, that won't stop me from being a mother to our child. Fuck you.


chinesepomelo said...

1. regards sa Leggings at Gatorade.

2. UAE? go!!!

3. MAMATAY NA SYA! hahahahaha...

Jan said...

Uy ang puso mo ingatan mo. Wag ka masyadong paapekto sa iba. keep on blogging. Post your pics wearing your leggings. I wanted to try it too. Goodluck sa career mo.

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