Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say, Prom Night?

Boy I was right yesterday when I said that my energy will be drained by noon. The kids had their waltz practice on stage and it was quite lousy which almost made me pop an artery. Aside from the fact that they still haven’t mastered the dance steps, three boys were also absent this morning – and their dance will be tomorrow afternoon! We have a lot of cramming to do and I think that I will lose my voice at the end of the day with all the shouting I did this morning and will be doing this afternoon.

Yesterday, my niece asked me to do her make up for their JS Prom this Saturday night and being the doting aunt that I am, I felt honored to be chosen to make her pretty that day. I did not realize that it's the JS Prom month already probably because I am teaching in the elementary level so this prom thing is not one of my concerns. Well anyway, I asked her what color is her prom dress so that I could coordinate it with her makeup. I also gave her some motherly prom advice although her escort is not her suitor or a boyfriend because she simply doesn’t have one! So here I am in a nostalgia mood and reminiscing my own prom night. During my time, we had a peculiar prom because it was a themed celebration. When I was in junior high, the theme was Fantasy and Mystery and during my senior year, the theme was United Nations. Needless to say, I did not enjoy both my proms because it felt awkward dancing and having fun while wearing princess costumes and the national dresses of Poland and other countries as our prom dresses!

If only we had a chance to wear regular prom dresses as what the girls from the other schools wore, I would definitely pick a dress like this.

I like this dress in particular because I am a shortie so I could not wear a long gown. And even if I love to see women wearing tubes, my body frame is not fit for those types of dresses. And of course, I would still wear the same color of prom shoes to match the vamp outfit. I think I’d look great in this but isn’t it nine years too late? Hahaha!

And so there goes my prom night frustration. How about you? How's your prom?


Barako Brew said...

My prom night was great. Especially the Senior's Prom. My junior prom was just so-so but on my last year in highschool it was wonderful. Unfortunately though, unlike in the movies very few of us got laid. But we did get drunk .... Somehow, I think you were more interesting in a girl's recollection of her prom night. :) But hey. If it's any consolation, we did wear suit and tie. :)

-Ez of Barako Brew

FickleMinded said...

Huwag ka na mag emote, bigyan na lang kita ng BEST MOM AWARD para maaliw ka! :)

Jan said...

never akong nakaranas ng prom night. from exclusive for girls school kasi. mabuti na lang nakaligtas ako sa over shimmery night gowns. ahahahah

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