Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Pressure

I almost forgot about my ARTSCOW photo book project and now that I have found out that my free photo book will expire soon, I turned on the alert button so tonight, I will be scrapping my ass off so that I can't miss that opportunity to have a photo book of my own. I got my first $100 from blogging yesterday after a month of being an opp scavenger so I now have money to burn. Hehe. I am also saving up for my "blogging project" which is to buy myself a digital camera (or dslr) OR a laptop. I have to get my eon card by next month so that I could blog and blog and buy another domain to once again, blog.
I will end my post now and start scrapping. :)


Suzanne said...

Woot! Congrats!! Go, go, go!!

How's Aloy? Naku, si Therese na naman ang sick. Viral infection ata.

FickleMinded said...

way to go!!!

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