Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cebu City Day by Day

Hello all! So here's my blow by blow account regarding my Cebu trip last week. If I have to describe my vacation in two words, it would be food tasting because my friends and relatives treated me to one restaurant from the other that's why I ended up having an amoeba attack. Haha!

1st day - Ate roasted pig with cousins during lunch and crabs and lobsters for dinner. We didn't dine out because I wanted to at least relax.

2nd day - I was with BJ and Ate Sweet for lunch and we ate baby back ribs at Casa Verde's main branch. The food was great, we were too full to eat our dessert called Death by Chocolate. But of course we left the place with our plates clean. :p For dinner, BJ and Harvin brought me to IT Park and made me ate Mooonba Steak medium rare with a slushie called Secret. The steak was good but the slushie was too sour for me. It was a fun night. So at around 12am, Harvin accompanied me to Brew's-something (Iforgotthename!) near Mango Park to be with Mya and her varsity friends from the women's basketball (and softball) in Iligan back in college. I was wearing a red shirt that night so they all shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY when I arrived. We had fun, needless to say, because the singer was so handsome and he even dedicated a song for me because it was my birthday. Haha! Obviously, I went home early in the morning.

3rd day - I woke up at 9am. I had an appointment with BJ but since my cousin, Kuya Armand, invited me for lunch, I had to cancel my previous appointment because I want to be with my Kuya for a while. We went to Park Mall together with my aunt and Kuya's wife to eat lunch and then got some groceries for my niece's 1st birthday the next day. After that, they dropped me off at BJ's pad where we slept the whole afternoon until 7pm. I watched Slumdog Millionaire and we decided to go to The Terraces to dine at Don Henrico's. We hated the food really, it's a waste of money. Anyhoo, after that, we had some beer at Giligan's Island and coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where we got a 20% discount because of Harvin who works there. Hehe. After coffee, I headed straight home.

4th day - It was my niece, Annika Monique, birthday party and it was held at the Metro Park poolside. My niece is so adorable because she looks exactly like her dad (our genes! let me brag), she's also well behaved and always hugs me. At the party I saw Kuya Stewart, a friend I haven't seen in a while. The feeling was overwhelming because the guys hugged me and treated me like I am still their little princess. After the party, I met my high school classmates Iyad and Maryam (who's with her boyfriend Dendo) at La Marea (also at IT Park) for dessert and we decided to transfer at east,west for some beer. We went home early, in fairness to me. Haha!

5th day - I spent the day with Ate Kikay my cousin Alvin's wife and we went bargaining at Colon street downtown. We visited Kuya Armand at his office in BDO Cuenco and I charmed him for a pizza dinner date to which he agreed on. :) After that, Ate Kikay and I went to watch a movie and then headed straight home afterwards. For dinner, we ate at Handuraw and the cousinry toured me for a while. We went to Mr. A to appreciate Cebu City's view from the top and then had pizza at Calda Pizza. Mr. Amoeba was attacking me already that day so I was not in the mood to eat at least 1/8 of the humongous pizza. :) Too bad. We went home at about 3am which explains why I wasn't able to wake up for my early morning flight back home.

6th day - It turned out to be an extended vacation so I decided to have my hair cut done and slept the whole afternoon afterwards. By 5pm, we had roast pig again for our early dinner and the cousinry drove me to the pier where I met and befriended and Australian whose name I cannot recall. Hahaha.

So there goes my trip! I was so lame that I did not bring a camera with me. Hahaha! I have a feeling that I will be going back there later this year. Yay!


Ron Centeno said...

Wow! Reading your post just got me exhausted! :-) It does not matter because you had a lot of fun and food!

Steph said...

I just found your blog. I was in Cebu maybe 3 years ago...I had a great time!!

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