Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ebay Shopping, Yes or No?

I logged in once again to my ebay account and searched for digital cameras on sale. There were plenty of cameras which are a little over $100 and I am tempted to buy one since I badly need to replace our old and dilapidated camera. However, I was having second thoughts because there's this one particular camera that I like which exceeds my budget limit. :(

I guess I have to wait for a couple of months before buying what my heart desires.

Oh I hate ebay. 


FickleMinded said...

if i were you i'll wait for a while instead of settling for less, delete eBay on your favorites!!!! :D

Suzanne said...

Why don't you just buy brand new? Mura na ang digicams ngayon ha, kahit yung malalaking pixels.

Anyways, good luck! :)

redb1ker said...

Keep the camera that you really desire in your mind and heart and the law of attraction will bring it to you for what you can afford. Don't stop looking, just use restraint. There is a saying "The road is better than the Inn." The process of getting the camera (and all the cool things you have to have with it)is more than half of the satisfaction of ownership. You already own the camera, you just haven't touched it yet.

Jay T.

Jan said...

I love buying from eBay but not for gadgets. Takot akong bumili ng gadget don.

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