Thursday, March 19, 2009

..almost dead

My body's dead tired. I woke up late this morning and arrived to school late, as expected. My boss didn't notice me when I arrived thank goodness. So to cut the story short, I started the day with a blunder and I had more blunders after that.

For the fourth time, I changed the seating arrangement of the pupils for their graduation ceremony.
For the third time, I made changes with my program invitation.
For the second time, a parent walked out on me because of the special awards issue.
For the fourth time, a colleague corrected me with the way I handle the practices.
For the third time, our school janitor/guard, who acts like the principal, scolded me for not returning the cd player to its proper place.

And all of these happened just this week. But who cares?! This is my job description and I am happy to know that some of my elder colleagues know and respect my father and that's why they take care of me from time to time. :) The fruits of my father's labor is paying off.

Anyway, this just came to mind: The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference.

And that's how I feel today.


Thess said...

Awww, Hug.

Teachers are one of the most unappreciated unsung heroes.

necrophadian said...

i agree about what the opposite of love being indifference. but somehow i think ive heard that quoted somewhere before. cant quite place it

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