Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How's the Weather?

I am not a fan of the sun and obviously, I also hate sweating. However, it is quite ironic that I love going to the beach. It doesn't make sense does it? So whenever I'm at a beach, I hide away from the sun with the help of big umbrellas or trees to shade me. It has nothing to do with me wanting to have fair skin because I am contented with my complexion. It has something to do with the ouch my skin feels whenever the rays are touching my skin. Geez I know I am such a pain in the ass but hey, this is my blog so you have to deal with it. Hahaha. Maybe you'd like to consider SFP relocations for a change since it's going to be summer time again.

Yes Graduation Day is in two weeks and it's going to be officially SUMMER! However, I hate the weather in my city because the heat's scorching hot, the temperature here's probably the same to that in Arizona! Well anyway, even though I don't like the sun, I do love summer time because it means no work but I also get paid, yay! Maybe by then I'd be able to put more effort in my online blogging and scrapping as well. I am looking forward to it.

1 comment:

Shyn said...

very nice blog.i'll add you up in my favorites. :)

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