Monday, April 6, 2009

Bye Friendster. -Not!

Since I have learned how to manipulate facebook, I seldom visit my friendster account because I believe that I have lots of bad memories there. I just couldn't erase my account due to sentimental reasons because I don't want to erase memories, I'd rather preserve them -the good ones at least. Well anyway, I only check my friendster account whenever I have messages from friends and I almost jumped with joy when I received a message from a friend from way way back. I can't help but have a giddy feeling because this friend is a HE and he's supposed to be my childhood crush. Cute.

I love life again. Hahaha!

Please someone slap me from this hallucination.

Life is good.


chinesepomelo said...


Anonymous said...

whatta flirt.. lol.

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