Friday, April 17, 2009

The Chocolate Fix

This parcel arrived today.

Thank you so so much Willa(naks! new layout!).The chocolates arrived safe and sound although the ants have eaten some of them. Hahaha. There were even ants inside the box and they've grown big. The kids love the chocolates, Aloy couldn't even wait for me to finish taking a picture (see 3rd photo). I like the mickey mouse card and although the package arrived sooo late, at least nothing got stolen.

So now I am waiting for my mineral makeups and photobooks to arrive. I will patiently wait for it because I know it will take 48 years to have hand them to me.

I have created layouts today which I posted to my new healthyscraps site. Add your comments if you like/not like them.


Blogger Rise said...

So you have fun with those chocolate without share it just a little bit to mee...sooo saddd :D

☆Willa☆ said...

Thank GOD you got it, it's better to late then never, I'm glad the kids enjoy it, watch out for the toothache though, I hope you like the perfume and whatever I put there,nakalimutan ko na sa sobrang tagal as in nawalan na ako ng pagasa na makukuha mo pa!Enjoy!!

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