Saturday, April 18, 2009

Puppy Hunt

Dogs are the most loyal pets in the animal kingdom and I have a friend who treats her dog like her own child. Here is a picture of Pam and her dog London during the latter's 3rd birthday party.

Some people may think of it as a crazy deed to actually celebrate a dog's birthday but I know most dog lovers know how important it is to treat animals with a loving care. Dogs take care of you by protecting you and sympathizing with you when you're down and you can pay back their love and loyalty by giving them proper care and attention that they need. Aside from pet grooming shops, there is one site that caught my attention for they provide daycare services to dogs. That's amazing! And your dogs will love you even more with that.

I myself is a dog lover although we didn't have a pet dog in three years. Our most loved and loyal dog Brownie died when my son was barely a year old and we have not yet gotten a replacement since then. We haven't found our match yet. So I looked for puppies for sale sydney and found a very good list of puppies looking for a new home. The website will even supply the buyer puppy food, leash and collar as a starter set. Aside from that, they will also give you a quick lesson on grooming and taking care of the pets. There's this spoodles for sale in sydney that I like. I liked this particular pugalier (pug + cavalier) and I think Pam would like to have her as London's mate.

1 comment:

chinesepomelo said...

hahahaha...nakora ako! ako! ako! ako! hahaha...

lam mo bang d ko tinitingnan si London sa webcam everytime nagchachat kami? coz when i do, i cry... cry a in! miss him so bad.. =(

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