Friday, May 22, 2009

Idol Hangover

I am not over it yet. I have watched the season finale for the 4th time today and I am still at awe. I was itching to blog about Kris Allen's triumphant feat against Adam Lambert but said to myself no because a lot would write about it. But still, as I have said, I am awed. I was expecting Adam to win because he seems to be the crowd's favorite so for a change, I went to support Kris Allen -the underdog of the competition.

I think that this season was boring because there's not much to look forward to. Even the new judge Kara has no effect on the viewers (just my pov). But, I also think that this season's finale was the best to date. The performers rocked the Nokia Theater and the final 2 duet entitled We Are The Champions with Queen was exemplary. There were numbers that bored me but overall I still think it's the best.

I am so happy that my Season 8 bet won. Adam Lambert is good as well but I don't like him. :D


Lyla said...

i like Adam... Adam's voice is very good

Beth said...

I was hoping Kris would win too! I like to support the underdog :)

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