Friday, May 8, 2009

The Ninja's Birthday!

I have a friend named Aaron (but he likes to be called Zool the Ninja) from Manchester and today's his birthday! Happy birthday dear friend and I know that you're feeling the birthday blues today, I want you to know that even though we have this love-hate relationship from time to time, you will always be my friend no matter how much sh*t you give me. Haha! I wish you the good things in life and I hope you'll continue to be a loving father to your clone and a devoted husband to your wife. Check out Aaron's video with his mini version here.

Tomorrow, my BFF Karen will be arriving from Manila for a quick vacation so we will have a mini reunion with our other BFF Gergies. Karen asked me to fetch her from the airport and I connived with Gergies to surprise her as well. I am excited for tomorrow will be my first time to have a social life again after Pam left. Hehe.

Again, happy birthday Aaron, you're like a brother to me. :D

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