Monday, May 11, 2009

Pamper Yourself

Blogging has been a fun thing to do and when you're generating income from doing what you're fond of doing, the outcome will always be great. I am not a big time blogger but I am happy to have earned something by just typing and clicking away in front of the computer. In fact, I have been and ebay addict because I spend most of my blogging income there. Anyway, my tech side has been fed so I no longer have anything on my wishlist for that category.

Lately though, what tickles my fancy are edible lotions, whipped soaps from etsy and this Jessica Mcclinktock perfume. It's about time that I pamper myself with these goodies don't you think?

1 comment:

☆Willa☆ said...

ayos ka talaga, Ma'm!, hindi lang eBay, pati Etsy pinapatulan mo na! :D

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