Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wanting Free SMS

Hello everyone! How’s your week so far? I was supposed to report for work today but the kids’ nanny is sick so I have to let her rest and do the house works myself.

Well anyway, a lot of friends and relatives sent me text messages congratulating me for passing the board exam and I feel rude not replying to their short messages (sms). My mobile's on a prepaid service and I haven't reloaded since two weeks ago because I know I can always rely on sending free sms. Online sms are great don't you think? You can contact your friends without spending a dime. Now that’s practical. Imagine, you can even send bulk sms to your friends and this will be beneficial when you’re inviting them for a party or get together and sending such will be totally free of charge! That’s very practical especially now that we need to hoard all the freebies in the world because of the current state of the economy. Even if we're not totally paupers, why spend on something you can have for free?

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