Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gifts For Teens

Teens are not hard to please. We can give them variety of stuffs which they will like for sure. Most of the teens today are techies and they would prefer to be given PSPs, Wiis, high end mobile phones and even laptops. However, even though they are techies, they would still love receiving trinkets and functional gifts like these monogrammed towel wraps for teens. The towel wraps are soft and colorful, every girl would love to have one. For pre-teens though (can also be with any girl anyway) these die cut stickers will be loved as these can be put in the scrapbooks and even in those girl to girl friendship letters that the teens love to send. The coffeeholic boys will also like this personalized coffee sleeves so that they can flaunt their coffee cups in style. Aside from that, their hands won't feel the hotness of their caffeine fix.

So these are just suggestions which I think most of you will like. Try giving these gifts for a change!

1 comment:

☆Willa☆ said...

lola, dami mong opps! araw araw iba iba,baka yumaman naman sa iyo ang eBay niyan!!! :D

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