Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was relieved when I heard the news that Chris Yap was already released from his kidnappers. He was abducted last May 7 and was released last night, praise God! Chris was introduced to our family during the twins' baptism because he was courting a cousin at that time. He became a good and respectable friend to all of us even though he and my cousin didn't end up together. And he even attends our family functions even though my cousin is about to get married to someone else.

Well anyway, the funny thing is that I didn't know he was even kidnapped! I knew about a kidnapping incident but I didn't know it was him, I felt so disconnected with the real world now. However, I felt relieved seeing him okay on tv. I hope there won't be anymore kidnappings in my city in the future but I seriously doubt it. A high school classmate even told us that their family is receiving kidnap threats that they are thinking of getting bodyguards for safety. The parents of my other friend even went to the States because they too received kidnap threats. Well, that's the life of the rich and famous, but I am praying for the best.

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