Thursday, June 11, 2009

Am I Missing?

I felt compelled to post today because five friends (both online and real world) have asked me why I am not updating my blog lately. Aside from the fact that I am semi-busy with work as a pre-school teacher, I also don't have the drive to post something here. However, I drop your cards whenever I have time.

Anyway, I received a very good news this afternoon but I don't want to pre-empt its effectivity not until I have the proper documents to prove it. But I am so happy that whatever it is, I am sure that this will be again a turning point in my life.

Another thing happened to me at eBay yesterday, I bid on an item and then learned this morning that I won the bidding with no sweat. Lesson learned: It's feels so good to get what you wanted and you are not expecting to get it.

Also, I am doing some layouts for my scrapping hobby. I don't know yet if I will post them at my scrap blog or not. So there, that's just a quick update on what's going on with my life. :D

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