Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out of Town

I am now in Davao City to process my teaching license but I will be back for work on Tuesday. Last week, I learned that my friend Archie was transferred to Cotabato City for his job at PAGCOR, he's been texting and calling me but I am not a good friend so I was not able to reply to his texts and calls. Not to mention that my phone is always on a silent mode and it's always inside my bag. I am planning to meet him next week though just so I will have a social life.

Geez I miss blogging and hunting for paid ads but since I am quite busy with the events in my life, I am taking things slow and relaxing by playing Farm Town and Barn Buddy on Facebook. It's so addictive, I am going to post my farm and barn next time.

I am supposed to post my digiscrap layouts on my other blog today but I forgot to bring my USB so it will be posted later this week.

I am so happy today. Very happy, and in love with life. PRAISE GOD!

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