Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bully?

I was called by Aloy's teacher this afternoon with the word TROUBLE running in my head. So when I talked to the teacher, she told me that my son had "cut" his classmate's skin. I asked his teacher if his classmate was hurt or was there any blood but the teacher said none of anything. But the child reported the incident to her parents and so the parents went to school to complain to the teacher about the behavior of my son. It's a non issue for me because I know that Aloy won't start a fight so I told the teacher that I'll talk to my son about the incident.

So before we went home from school, I asked him why he did that to his classmate and then he blurted:

"Kasalanan niya man kay ginupit niya ang buhok ko eh di ginupit ko rin ang balat niya!"
(It's her fault because she cut my hair so I cut her skin!)

Although I am relieved that he really didn't start the fight, I still told him not to fight back to his classmates who have wronged him but report the incident to their teacher instead. And upon hearing my son's explanation about the incident, I am going to talk to his teacher tomorrow and tell her what really happened. I don't like to be a stage mother and I don't think that I am one, not even close I guess but that's not for me to say, but sometimes I have to defend my son to those who think of him as a bully.

And I am also relieved to know that my son knows when to fight back when needed thus won't make him a victim of the real bullies.


Bubbly Ideas said...

Kasalanan pala ng classmate. I know na pinalaki mo ng mabuti si Aloy. Ang bilis ng panahon, nag aaral na pala siya.

☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆ said...

a cut for a cut, way to go!!!, natawa naman ako sa sagot ni Aloy,
uy nga pala, July na,lapit na dumating digicam mo. :D

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