Saturday, December 19, 2009


The kids enjoyed their swim yesterday. They swam for at least 5 hours non stop! They are all suffering from minor sunburns today but they're still asking us if we could go back to the resort again. Geez, when will they get tired? We had so much fun, needless to say.
The boys were the ones who cooked. They grilled pork belly which Caillou really loved and a big tuna that was so juicy and enticing. Caitlin raided the citrus fruits while I tried getting my forty winks when everyone's busy swimming. The resort was all jam packed so we opted to swim at the children's pool instead. *rofl* And so when we went home, the kids' eyes were all droopy and then I became The Flash for an hour and cleaned them up, fed them and put them all to sleep. After which I did the laundry and went to the midnight sale after we had our dinner. Blah. I was not even tired hah! After the midnight sale, I logged in to the digiland and chatted with BFF Pam to share some secrets. :p Tonight might be our last night here and I am treating the boys and their girlfriends out for dinner. I so love vacays!

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chinesepomelo said...

masaya nga! =) bsta paguwi ko ung sabi ko ha.. swimming ulit!

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