Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Near

I cannot believe how time flies so fast! Two days more to go and it 's Christmas once again! So what are you going to do this Christmas?

My family and I are going to a Christmas Party at our aunt's house on the 24th and we will most likely celebrate Christmas Eve there just like the old times. We will be having our yearly kris kringle where the actual drawing of names transpired three months ago (yep, we are that excited) and this year I included Aloy to the group. I will be giving an Aeropostale shirt to my manita and Aloy will be giving a pair of havaianas flip flops to his manito.

As for the Christmas dinner menu, I had it all planned a few weeks ago. For starters, I will be making pesto bites, the main course will have to be lasagna and fish fillet in lemon butter sauce and for the dessert, the usual creme brulee. We will be bringing these food to our aunt's since we are going to celebrate there.

Anyway, I will very busy with everything so I will have to greet you all a Blessed Merry Christmas! :)

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