Thursday, December 30, 2010

All I Want...

Last Christmas, Santa was good to me because I know I had ask for a lot of things but he gave me much more than that. For starters, I asked for baking sheets and pans but Santa (a.k.a. Mom) gave me this.
And then during our kris kringle at our aunt's I received this..

I am most definitely not a Fitflop girl but I appreciated the thoughts not to mention that it's a tad more expensive for the price of sandals.

And then my brother's girlfriend gave me these..
As for myself? I gave myself this..
Last night, I told my aunt about how I was able to buy this laptop. I saved my PNOY bonus and combined my salary in order for me to buy it. I have to say that it's worth it no matter how selfish it may seem (read: the twins' birthday party was simple). We all deserve a treat don't we? And so now I am eyeing for this..
The only thing I wanted this is because it's pink and it's wireless. Isn't it cute? So if you want to buy this for me (ehem, Pam, Iman, Mohd, whoever you are) the photo will lead you to its store. LOL.

Have a blessed day!

1 comment:

chinesepomelo said...

ay? when I clicked the photo of that pink wireless mouse, unfortunately it did not lead me to where I suppose to buy it. Sayang... biling-bili na sana ako nun.. lam mo nmang moody ako.. :))

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